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As of April 8th, 2016, GMT is no longer active
This change log is here for historical purposes only. All images and text are © 2009-2019, PixelTail Games™ LLC.

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  • Players can now just chat a youtube url and it will automatically queue up into the theater.
  • Updated idlescreen


  • Updated ajax to show timestamp.
  • Added TF2 to required game list
  • Fixed twitter plugin not working properly
  • Chat filters now work on website chat


  • Fixed grab angles resetting when picking up inventory objects
  • Fixed inventory icon appearing in upper-left when grabbing an object
  • Set proper bodygroup for ball race ball (fixes double hats on some models).


  • Added AJAX to chat page.
  • Added Trello link on changelog page.
  • Cleaned up navigation bar.  Spreaded selections out a little and made selection not look stupid.

PVP: Battle

  • Fixed rounds being infinite.

Ball Race

  • Reduced ball race payout.


  • Fixed issues with Virus.
  • Changed effect of scifi handgun so it's easier to tell where the bullets went.
  • Added names to each weapon.
  • Added damage notes to virus.
  • Added new settings category for virus settings.
  • Fixed virus overdose and druggie achievements
  • Removed hospital map from Virus.


  • Renamed general settings to lobby settings to lessen confusion.
  • Changing playermodels now instantly happens, no need to respawn or kill yourself.
  • VIP players now have a different chat color (purple)

PVP: Battle

  • Fixed PVP Battle godmode issue.
  • Fixed candy corn powerup from not making a ghost effect.
  • Increased size of candy corn from candy corn powerup.
  • Made bouncy nade less bouncy and easier to throw.


  • Removed rayman model from store, model doesn't work.


  • Added VIP to profiles.

Virus Changes

  • Fixed issues with TNT throwing.
  • TNT throwing now updates hold type properly.
  • Fixed issues with adrenaline.
  • Increased damage of 9MM.
  • Allowed reloading of double barrel even if there's a buck in the clip.
  • Increased over heat time, decreased cool down time of plasma auto rifle.
  • Increased clip size of scifi handgun from 6 to 12.
  • Increase range of sonic shotgun blast.
  • Sonic shotgun blast no longer throws infected into the air.
  • Increased damage of flak hand gun by 50%.
  • Improved text of HUD messages.
  • Virus health HUD no longer shows when falling from high up.
  • Some misc fixes.

PVP: Battle Changes

  • Updated akimbo to new dual holdtype.

Ball Race Changes

  • Players now "pop" when upon getting stuck.
  • Optimized repellers.
  • Fixed arrows rotating when a player finished.

Website Changes

  • Added VIP to profiles.
  • Filtered out admins on money stats.


  • Moved addon files to make it easier to install content.
  • Updated modules. They are now part of the base addon! This should make installing GMT much easier.
  • Moved particles into base addon. Every file required to join GMT is now in the addons folder.
  • Updated HUD with new logo.
  • Updated lobby ceiling logo with new logo.
  • Removed rabbits, croft, and zexion player models.
  • Added rayman player model.

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