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All the released and ready to be played gamemodes. Read more about them by clicking on their banner.

90+ Players

The lobby serves a multitude of different purposes. Being the lobby, this is the only area able to reach everything in the tower. With suites, stores, movie theater, arcade, and many other things you can do - the lobby is the place to be. You travel to and from gamemodes here.
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Ball Race
8 Players
7 Maps

Eat bananas and roll your way around this Super Monkey Ball inspired gamemode. Bumpers, repellers, attrators, buttons, lasers, and even more obstacles stand in your way from completing the puzzles within each level.
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10 Players
8 Maps

Inspired by the multiplayer mode Virus, as immortalized by the popular Time Splitters franchise. Players must work together to contain the spread of the virus for a certain amount of time, or become infected by being touched by the infected player.
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PVP Battle
10 Players
9 Maps

A wacky, Jaykin' Bacon: Source inspired deathmatch gamemode. Tons of insane weapons are at your disposal. With six explosive minute matches and creative maps, you're sure to enjoy this fast-paced FPS deathmatch geared towards FPS badasses.
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Ultimate Chimera Hunt
11 Players
11 Maps

Based off of the Chimera Lab section of the GBA game MOTHER 3. One player is the Ultimate Chimera, a big pink monster. The Pigmasks must turn him off by pressing the big white button on his back, or be eaten. Orignal gamemode by Aska and Fluxmage.
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Zombie Massacre
6 Players
6 Maps

Top-down zombie arcade shooter. Gameplay such as survival, campaign, and boss battles depending on maps.

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10 Players
3 Maps

Classic miniature golf action. Try to get the lowest score you can, while enjoying a relaxing game of golf on wacky courses.

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In Production

All the gamemodes we're currently working hard on releasing. Check out their development blogs for more information on their progress.


These gamemodes have design documents laid out for them. They're not being worked on at the moment, however. All information for them is tenative.