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Lead Developers
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Lead/Founder from 2009-2016 - Lead programmer, lead designer, and modeler. Coded Lobby base rewrite, majority of Lobby, Minigolf, Zombie Massacre, Source Karts, rewrite of UCH, weapons in Virus/PVP Battle, and parts of Ball Race.

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Mapper from 2010-2016 - Joined in 2010; contributed maps to all gamemodes including Khromidro, Gasoline, Trainyard, The Docks, Acrophobia, Container Ship, Hospital 2, Dust, Mr Saturn Valley, Headquarters, parts of Lobby, Waterhole, Clubtitiboo and Subway.

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Matt Young

Mapper from 2011-2016 - Joined in 2011; contributed numerous maps for all gamemodes such as Karafuru Gardens, Sandbar, Paradise, Downtown, Falloff, Woodlands, and more.

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Artist/Modeler from 2011-2016 - Created majority of the Lobby 2 artwork

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Samuel Maddock

Modeler & Programmer from 2012-2016 - Created high-quality models, rigs, animations, and mediaplyer.

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Scott Kauker/Foohy

Programmer & Designer from 2009-2016 - Helped code various aspects of the game such as contributing to Lobby and other gamemodes.

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Zachary Blystone

Programmer from 2014-2016 - Helped created miscellaneous Lobby activities and hepled with Lobby 2 and contributed various tools.

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Will Smith/dongle

Composition/Sound Design from 2014-2016

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Programmer from 2014-2015 - Helped created miscellaneous Lobby activities.

Part-Time Developers
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Programmer from 2009-2010 - Coded parts of PVP, parts of Ball Race, huge chunk of lobby, theater mediaplayer, and all the server-side modules.

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Digital Art & Design from 2009-2013

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Andy Garcia/Wergulz

Artist from 2009-2013

Inactive/Retired Developers
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Programmer from 2010-2012 - Helped code Virus. Improved features of every part of GMT.

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Programmer from 2009-2010 - Coded the initial base of GMT's lobby systems back in 2009.

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Mr. Sunabouzu

Modeler & Mapper from 2009-2013 - Made tons of models and several PVP maps.

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Party Knight

Artist from 2013-2013

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Programmer from 2013-2014