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The GMT profile displays all the gameplay stats online for everyone to view and share with others.


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Suites are your own.

Each person who joins GMT will have their own suite that is saved to their account. You can check-in/out of your suite at anytime by using the Suite lady.

You have the ability to buy new furniture, customize the look and placement of items, invite friends, watch synced YouTube, listen to live streamed music from the radio, and much much more.


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It is completely up to you! You can move items by pressing Q and dragging and dropping where you want them. You can rotate them with your mouse wheel.

Buy new furniture and items to create your own perfect suite. And if you don't like the furniture - just sell it. You can right click on the inventory item and sell it for half the price the store sells it for.


Each suite comes with a TV that allows you to watch your own personal synced YouTube videos with anyone else in your suite. You can easly search on the TV for a video and play it for all to enjoy. It also has non-synced applications for you to use such as Pandora, Grooveshark, Last.FM, and Hulu.


Another feature the suite comes with is a radio. The radio supports Shoutcast radio streams and in-hosted MP3 playback. You can also upgrade your radio into a discoball that beats along with the music you're listening to.