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Gameplay: 1 vs. All
Players: 11 players (5 required)
Flow: 10 Rounds
Mood: Comical
Mic Support: Yes

Porky Needs You!

Ultimate Chimera Hunt is the fan game of Mother 3. Mother 3, also known as Earthbound 2, is a hugely popular GBA game developed by HAL Laboratory. Ultimate Chimera Hunt, or UCH, is based off the Chimera Lab section of Mother 3.

Enlist as a Team

UCH is a team-based game, well mostly. Each round a player will be randomly selected as the Ultimate Chimera. Everyone else will be enlisted to the Pigmask team. The goal for the Pigmasks is to stop the "unstoppable" Ultimate Chimera. To do this, they will have to work together. On the back of the Ultimate Chimera there is a conveniently placed off button. As the Pigmasks, you must press this button or hit the Ultimate Chimera with Mr. Saturn. The brave Pigmask that defeated the Ultimate Chimera will earn a higher rank status the next round.

Devour Them All

Only one player each round will be able to play as the Ultimate Chimera. While being the Ultimate Chimera, their goal is to destroy the main threat - the smelly Pigmasks. Being almighty and ultimate, the Ultimate Chimera has a massive amount of abilities to defend itself. It can bite and destroy everything in its path, swipe Pigmasks off his back with its tail, fly to the skies and land and pancake Pigmasks, and roar - scaring every Pigmask or Mr. Saturn nearby.

Ghostly Haunting

After you die, and trust me - you will die, you will become a Ghostie. You can easily spectate the current round and with an added bonus - get drunk. Well, sorta. There's a one in six chance of becoming a Fancy Ghostie that gives your Ghostie a wine glass. Consider yourself a lucky Ghostie if you've got a wine glass. It's just classy.