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Author: Batandy

Camping Grounds

Try not to sleep...

Author: Lifeless

Club Titiboo 2

All the Pigmasks come here to party hard, only to be stomped hard by the local Chimera. Drinks are also sold at extortionate prices, so speak easy.

Author: Matt


Even Chimeras get a hankering for some Rocket Noodle.

Author: Matt


Fall up, down, in, out, or on, but just don't fall off.

Author: Lifeless


The Pigmasks all thought they'd be safe in their secret headquarters. The Chimera set out to prove them wrong.

Author: martyman3175 [thread]


Situated inside a mad scientist's laboratory, this place doesn't have anything to do with the creation of the Ultimate Chimera. That we know of.

Author: Batandy

Mr. Saturn Valley

In a peaceful little valley, the race of odd little creatures called Mr. Saturns live. Unfortunately, the Chimeras don't particularly like them, either.

Author: DrStalin [thread]

Shady Oaks

On the outskirts of town, this small facility still stands. Watch out for the gate though, it doesn't look very strong...

Author: Matt

Snowed In

Cold pork? Sounds gross. Someone should probably heat that up or something. Wait, you're eating it raw?

Author: Charles445/Charles Wenzel [thread]

Tazmily Village

In the peaceful village of Tazmily, there are only three absolutes: Mr. Saturn will show up, the Chimera will try to eat Pigmasks, and the retail is hideously expensive.

Author: Matt


All Chimeras are of the opinion that logging camps are immoral. They occasionally find one to take their aggression out on.